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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training

A student with learning, social or physical challenges may express anger or frustration by acting out with verbal or physical behavior unacceptable within a classroom, and potentially harmful to themselves or others. Educators and direct-care providers are trained in progressive methods and techniques for de-escalating emotional situations and providing for the safety of students and staff when a student becomes a physical danger to himself or others.

NRIC offers Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training for all professionals working with students. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention is a highly effective behavior management system designed to safely deescalate inappropriate behavior and provide for the safety and well being of students and staff.

Participants in the program will learn, and demonstrate proficiency in, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention techniques.

Training topics include:

  • Intervention techniques permitted under Rhode Island law

  • Recognition of elevated and escalating behavior

  • Effective techniques for de-escalating behavior

  • Establishing a common understanding of professional behavior and expectations during emotionally elevated situations


 New staff members are required to attend all 3 training sessions to attain certification.

At this time, no CPI classes are scheduled.  Please check this page frequently for further updates






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