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Tuition Policy

Districts contracting for the placement of a student in a Collaborative program will be assessed tuition charges from the beginning of the student’s enrollment to the last day a student is enrolled in the program.  Districts desiring to terminate a student’s enrollment shall communicate such to the Director of Educational Services by completing and submitting the student withdrawal form a draft of which is below.

Tuitions shall be billed monthly at the beginning of each month.  The tuition for a student whose enrollment has been terminated will be computed on a per diem basis for the period of time the student was enrolled.  Districts may request reimbursement of prepaid tuition or request a credit towards future tuition billing. Reimbursements of tuition will be processed within thirty (30) days.

The enrollment status of students being hospitalized for an anticipated period of six weeks or more may be negotiated with the Executive Director.  A consideration during such negotiations will be the availability of a placement for the returning student should another student be enrolled during that student’s absence.


Tuition rates are computed based on the student capacity of a program divided into the program cost and a pro rata share of the overhead costs of the Collaborative.

In the past, Districts have sought rebates for the periods of time students are hospitalized. The expectation is the student will return to the program.

Since, in most instances, the placement needs to be reserved for the hospitalized student, the placement cannot be given to another student. Therefore, the tuition being rebated cannot be recovered. The costs of the program are not reduced with the absence of a student (even in terms of 1:1 aides, it is unrealistic to think costs can be reduced by laying off an aide for several days or even several weeks). As a result, the Collaborative loses revenues with no opportunity to reduce costs.

Since the Collaborative is an entity owned by its members, the savings gained by the district requesting the rebate generates a loss for the Collaborative and ultimately for the other member districts.


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