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Foundations Academy (Developmental)

Students who learn differently and have different abilities need the help and guidance of educators who are specially trained to develop and maximize those abilities. Educators in the Foundations Academy work to identify a student’s skills and their potential for learning new skills. Educators, parents and students then develop a progressive plan tailored to an individual’s educational needs and social well-being.

Students within the program experience a highly structured schedule, working with specialists in communication skills, occupational therapy, and physical therapy toward collective and personal goals as active participants and contributors to the community and local workforce.


Supporting Educational Instruction

Teachers and classroom assistants work closely with a school social worker, occupational therapist, adaptive physical education teacher, school nurse teacher, speech therapist, physical therapist, and other consulting and direct service providers.

Contact Information

Joseph Renzi

Director of Educational Services
(401) 769-6445


Secondary Students

Secondary students in the Foundations Academy learn community, vocational, cognitive and domestic skills, affording each student an opportunity to identify, develop and pursue their personal and professional goals over a lifetime.   

Our secondary students dedicate time to the classroom and the community each week, where successful working relationships with adult service providers aid the transition of students to adult services.

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