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Consultative Services

NRIC offers professional support consultative services to school districts with diverse learners and specialized needs, in-district.

Returning Students

Identifying Students

As students progress and achieve at NRIC, school professionals continuously evaluate and determine whether a student’s progress is commensurate with their home district’s ability to provide for continuing need, thus affording an opportunity for a return to the home district. A student’s return is based on several criteria:

  • Ability to work a less restrictive setting
  • Availability of space to meet their educational needs
  • Ability for the district to support their individualized educational needs

Identifying Location

In conjunction with district administrators, including Special Education Director, Facilities Director, Transportation Director, and Principal, determine the appropriate location for such programming based on:

  • Educational needs of the students, including opportunities for inclusive educational practices to the greatest extent possible;
  • Physical needs, for students requiring handicapped accessibility; and
  • Transportation needs for students requiring special bussing
Identifying staff supports

NRIC works with the Superintendent, Special Education Director, and Union personnel, determine the staff support needed to meet a student’s individual needs and provide professional development opportunities for educators to participate and contribute to the growth of a dynamic specialized education field.

Identifying Budget

The NRIC, with the Special Education Director and Business Manager, determine the fiscal feasibility of facilitating a student’s return to a district based on:

  • Number, type and amount of professional development and related service support
  • Number and cost of students currently receiving services outside the district

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