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adult services

NRIC’s transition and vocational team assists the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) in providing vocational career services for individuals of all ages with disabilities in the Northern Region of the state. NRIC staff and ORS Counselors are involved in the evaluation and procurement of services for individuals. NRIC has seen success with integrated community-based employment through valued partnerships with the Office of Rehabilitation Services and business within the community the Northern communities.

Services provided include:

· Interest Surveys and Career Exploration

· Community Based Work Experiences

· Building Resumes

· Interviewing Skills

· Job Readiness Classes

· Job Development and Placement

· Travel Training

For more information, visit www.ors.ri.gov or contact ORS at:

401.421.7005 (Voice),  401.421.7016 (TDD),  401.462.7791 (Spanish)

40 Fountain Street

Providence, RI 02903


Northern Rhode Island Collaborative - NRIC Transition and Vocational Services

Tristan Pennell, Career Assessment Specialist


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