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Teacher Assistant Training

Students with different abilities and needs require specialized personnel to meet those needs.  Teacher assistants help classroom instructors instill the mental, physical and social skills used by successful students in scholastic and domestic life. They are critical to student development, providing direct, personal and instructional care that enables students everyday, for a lifetime.

NRIC is a Rhode Island Department of Education approved training site for Teacher Assistant Training. The program is held at NRIC's Main Office and consists of 15 classroom hours (7 sessions) and a 6-hour Northern Rhode Island Collaborative classroom field experience.

Prospective teacher assistants can find more information and resources on the RI Department of Education website.

Training Program

The training program is held at NRIC's Professional Development Training Center and consists of 15 classroom hours (7 sessions) and a 6-hour NRIC classroom field experience.   

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of teacher assistants

  • School policies and procedures

  • Developing instructional skills

  • Utilizing a plan book

  • Teaching to learner objectives

  • Testing and evaluative materials

  • Technology in the classroom

  • Behavior and classroom management and instructional strategies

  • Safety and emergency procedures

  • Basic first aid

  • Universal precautions

  • Recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect

  • Safe lifting techniques


The cost is $270.00 including materials. The following is the upcoming schedule of classes:

 Click Above to register for any one of the sessions. Please contact Lisa Berthiaume at lberthiaume@nric-ri.org. should you need additional information. 

Parapro Assessment Test

Teacher assistants must pass the ParaPro Assessment Test. NRIC is a designated testing site for the Internet version of the ParaPro Assessment Test.

View the Parapro Study Guide and a sample test at the Educational Testing Service website: http://www.ets.org/parapro.  

The Parapro Assessment Test fee is $75.00.  Cash or checks only, please. No credit cards.
Please contact Lisa Berthiaume for test scheduling and other inquiries.

Lisa Berthiaume
Email: lberthiaume@nric-ri.org
Phone: (401) 495-2019


ParaPro Assessment Preparation Class (NEW)

The Northern Rhode Island Collaborative is offering a new ParaPro Assessment Preparation Class for prospective teacher assistants to help them prepare for the ParaPro test.

The class begins in December 2017 and the fee is $65.00.   Click here for more details.


When the question was asked, “What specific features of the program were of greatest value to you? Here were some of the responses we received:

"All of the instructors were great. Receiving so many diverse and qualified points of view with instruction was such a benefit."

"The importance of the Teacher Assistant in the classroom was stressed."

"Real class stories-props, informative, interesting."

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