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College & Life Foundations (formerly the Transition Employment Center)

College & Life Foundations is a multi-faceted community based program which serves the transition needs of youth with disabilities, age 18-21, in an age-appropriate, integrated, natural environment.  The NRIC transition center has developed an innovative, cutting-edge approach to support youth in pursuing and attaining their post-school goals.  To participate in the program, students must meet their high school credit and course requirements and must be selected by the academy.

The College & Life Foundations is an ongoing collaboration between NRIC, the RI Office of Rehabilitation Services and the ten Northern RI School Districts. This transition program is endorsed by the Rhode Island Department of Education, and supervised by the Northern RI Director of Transition & Vocational Services. For the past 5 years, the program has been embedded into the business community by providing a strong focus on obtaining the employment skills and competitive wages for youth to live engaging and prosperous futures.

By expanding our program to the CCRI Flanagan Campus, we are now able to focus on all aspects of post-school goals (Education & Training, Employment, and Independent Living).

Purpose of the Center

The purpose of the program is to provide:

  • An innovative college experience for young adults with varying disabilities, while providing transformational learning experiences to university students, college educators, and community leaders.
  • Students participate in all aspects of college life by auditing college level courses, joining campus organizations and clubs, and participating in recreational/leisure activities that are enjoyed by all CCRI students.
  • Students enrolled in the transition academy are treated as college students.  Their programs will be individualized. If the students wish to take college level classes, they will follow the requirements and guidelines set forth by the CCRI policies.
  • Skills to strengthen student confidence in moving about a college campus while providing a natural access to services, marketing transactions, social skills, and work habits. 
  • A variety of recreational and leisure activities, such as gym, track, pool, weight training equipment, plus regular classes.  In addition, regularly scheduled cultural events are available, such as musical events and campus social activities.

Program Model

  • Student schedules revolve around their work experience, breaks, lunch, and spontaneous social interactions that occur on campus. 
  • Maximize opportunities for students to regularly interface with the public and age-appropriate peers; including integrating into the college setting without impacting the immediate environment.
  • Expose youth with disabilities to the college experience and prepare them for college-level curricula by providing a direct link to the College Disability Office.
  • Program designed to give students with disabilities the tools they need to be successful at the community college and beyond.
  • Provide students with skills to help them to be better prepared for success in college.
  • Provide students with disabilities the tools to face issues of college readiness and preparation with skilled disability support staff.
  • If students enroll in CCRI Classes, they will follow the admissions requirements as set forth by CCRI.  NRIC will support the cost of applying, taking the Accuplacer, and the College Success Course (3 credits).

For more information, contact:

jcotter@nric-ed.org (401) 495-2011

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