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Auditory-Oral Programs


Our instructors work with both students and parents, developing and reinforcing the social and language skills needed for successful participation in standard scholastic and social settings.

Auditory Oral program students attend daily classes with other hearing impaired students and a teacher of the deaf. Students also attend daily auditory training sessions with an auditory oral speech language pathologist.

The Auditory Oral program has inclusive early childhood and elementary classrooms at Edgewood Highlands Elementary School in Cranston.

Early Childhood Program

Students in the early childhood program work and socialize with peers in an environment of constant and consistent feedback about everyday life in standard social and scholastic settings.

Our elementary students at Edgewood Highlands experience the same socialization and education opportunities in classrooms engineered and constructed to optimize human voice acoustics.

Outreach Services

The Auditory Oral program aids students in their home district via classroom consultation, direct service and professional training for staff working with hearing impaired students.

We also support families seeking an auditory oral intervention for children from birth to three years of age. Parents collaborate with early intervention specialists to help the youngest of hearing impaired toddlers learn and improve skills for daily living.

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